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I’m a winner!

At the beginning of October, I got a sneaky DM from the @BeamWallet team asking for my email address. I not really thinking about it gave them my details and carried on with my day, only to receive another DM from them telling me that I had won Free Fuel for Year!
This was a complete surprise because it was so unexpected, I always use the beam app wherever I can and because I had used it at the ENOC fuel station I had been entered into the competition.

After we had chatted for a while I met up with the #BeamTeam and this happened:

They were so awesome to be around and I had so much fun filming the video with them. After a couple days it went out across social and I had so many of my friends popping up to congratulate me and also find out when they could come fill up…haha haha

The fun didn’t stop there, I then started getting tagged in articles which had gone out across, Beam’s WebsiteLovin Dubai and Time Out Dubai with more people coming back to congratulate me again.

I would like thank Beam for not only giving me the opportunity to win such an awesome prize but for making me feel like a rockstar in the process!

#ExpatBlogAwards entry

Hey Peeps

So I have entered into the #ExpatBlogAwards for 2013 and am hoping to get some great feedback from you on my blog around living in Dubai as an expat! This is a new venture for me in launching my blog and pushing it out to the world and this is where I need a little help from those near and dear to me!

If you enjoy my blog or love me and just want to help spread the word please click the following link and spread the love!

Thank you friends and hope to hear from you soon!

From Stellenbosch with love!

Mooiberge farm stall (15)After living in CT last year I have found a love for this place like no other, not only does it have spectacular views but the lifestyle here is just too amazing! I am very blessed to have met some amazing people and also be able to come back to this great city frequently.

Each time I am here I discover new places and space which make me fall more in love with Cape Town, and also because my favourite lump of rock (Table Mountain) is here too, standing tall above everything. This time I am in Stellenbosch visiting a dear friend Jandre and also seeing my family from Dubai for my cousin, Josh’s 21st birthday!

Yesterday after a slow start to the day we set off for breakfast and then later I was taken on a guided tour of the wine farms and little towns surrounding Stellenbosch. Stellenbosch has a little country side charm that is not only endearing but also beautiful landscapes of vineyards leading up to a backdrop of the mountain range surrounding the area.

First stop was Webersburg estate where not only are you surrounded by lush greenery but they have a restaurant to die for, the restaurant is a modern space which hides subtlety in the valley, with views that run on for miles. The building clad in clear glass is a beautiful space which allows you to sit and soak up the sun as the surroundings absorb you into calm and relaxed space. Check out some of the pics:

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Next we were off to the Mooiberge farm stall to get s cool-drink because damn it was hot yesterday, peaking at over 30 degrees! The farm stall is a crazy place with animals and figurines made from re-purposed materials and a wicked sense of humour, the pictures speak for themselves:

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My highlight of the day was going to the Delaire Graff Estate, it is not only set in the most beautiful surrounds of Stellenbosh but has the most amazing art and restaurants I have ever seen. The restaurants are a visual spectacle from the wine barrels all standing in neat perfect rows encased in a massive glass room, to the water running through the entire building giving you a calming and very zen feeling. Laurence Graff‘s personal collection artwork, that he has on display, are also just to die for and they are placed throughout the building making it an adventure discovering all the pieces that he has collected. I was really blown away by the sheer beauty of the estate and how every detail draws you closer and intrigues you! Definitely have to go and stay at one of the villa’s someday! have a look for yourself:

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Last stop for the day was the beautiful town of Franschhoek where we again were spoilt but the serenity of this quaint little town. We stopped off at La Motte Estate hoping to get a little something to eat but didn’t realise that we had completely lost track of time, lol. They have perfectly manicured gardens and the restaurant has these stunning chandeliers made from the crockery that was found at the farm from the founders of the estate, how awesome are they?

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To end off an absolutely wonderful day we took a walk through Franschhoek to the stop off and see the Huguenot Monument. One of South Africa’s moments in history which I was yet to see.

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I must just brag a little but all the pictures that I took were on the new BlackBerry Z10 and I am completely amazed at the quality of the pics it took! I being the avid ‘photographer’ love taking pics everywhere I go and there is nothing better than having a phone that takes such great pics!

I must admit although I am a city boy and love the noise and vibrant atmosphere it has, but a place like Stellenbosch and that surrounds it really makes one think about living a simpler life. Thank you to Jandre for showing me his little peace of heaven and home which is Stellenbosch it has been a truly experience!

Until later friends… x