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I hear wedding bells…

So I’m sitting having a nice lunch on friday overlooking the sea at the walk in JBR, and I get a text from my mom saying that Ryan (my sister’s boyfriend) has asked for permission to marry my little sister and that he is going to pop the question that afternoon…

I’m like what? Called mom to find out what was happening because I had no clue that they were seriously talking about getting married. Not even an hour later I got a whatsapp from my little sister with a picture of them, the ring and champagne saying call me now!

I called and she told me how he woke up and decided that friday was the day that he was going to ask her to marry him as he already had the ring waiting for the right moment! Such a romantic wouldn’t you agree?

These two amazing people have decided to spend the rest of their lives together and I couldn’t be happier! Feeling a little old that my baby sister is going to be a wife but super excited for the both of them as they share a love which is pure and true. Plus I’m looking forward to being an uncle so that I can spoil the little brats and feed them LOTS of sugar!

It’s also a special time for all of us as my parents are also celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary on the 2nd of Nov. I’ll be celebrating with them  from the sand dunes but wish them all the best and I hope they all have a special time.

With that said I’m off to do a little work, will check in with you all soon…

Dubai Skyline

A year to remember Dubai style!

Dubai Skyline

Just over a year ago I took a massive step to leave behind all I know to head out on an adventure to the land of sun and sand, Dubai! It was something I have always wanted to do and sitting here a year later it was the best decision I ever made.

Walking away from all that I knew for so long, friends, family and surroundings was exciting but also something that took a while to get my head around. It was a period of mixed emotions and some serious thinking, yeah peeps I know it’s hard to believe but I actually thought about this from all angles.

I came to Dubai only knowing what I read online and from what people had told me about the lifestyle and what it was like living here. After a year of exploring the city and learning about the culture I have fallen in love with this place. I had a steep learning curve to move across in understanding the culture and how I would need to address certain topics but when going through the motions of understanding people I realised how Dubai is built on respect, not only for the person next to you but also to the country, rules and religion. This is something that may seem forced but is an empowering experience because I’ve never seen a community of people who come from many and I mean many different backgrounds co-existing in a peaceful manner.

I am blessed to have met Kat when I first came to Dubai, she took me in and has become one of my best friends spending many a late night out on the town partying to sharing in deeper conversations discussing all that makes the world we live in today. From there I have been so fortunate to have met an amazing group of friends, from the wild party peeps to those who prefer a quiet night in. It’s a mind f@*k when you sit at a dinner table with your friends and you have a person representing every continent at your table, it adds to the charm that is Dubai.

Work here is crazy and that is what we are essentially here to do but I have grown massively in what I do, not only in standing by what I do but also broadening my mind to cultural differences when I am engaging with audiences through social. A year after working on some amazing projects across the Middle East I was offered a position I couldn’t turn down. It was a tough decision as I had a team that I had built up across 5 countries who were superstars but I needed to look at what I wanted and where I wanted to progress. I left Wunderman, 2 months ago and started at Create Media Group, a smaller but specialised agency and I couldn’t have made a better choice! I’m challenged in taking what I know and expanding on this daily, building new relationships with partners and team and also focussing on building a business. I’ve always wanted to start my own business but, and yes insert the yawn, I have been too busy. Whereas now my focus is to build and grow an amazing business under the leadership of Tom.

Overall I am in a great place, I have an amazing job, wonderful friends and am settling into the Middle East comfortably. I can’t believe how quickly the year has gone by but if I look back at the memories from the last year it has been one friggin awesome adventure!

Now that work and my personal life are in check, well just need to sort out my apartment lol cause I changed that too in the last year, I’m looking to travel and being here is the best place to travel from. I want to see the world, take that selfie at the Eiffel Tower, jump in a cab in New York and take some chill time on a remote island somewhere. The only thing is where to go and this is where I need help from you, where have you been in the big wide world and what did you love about it?

I can’t wait to hear from you about your journey and look forward reading about the places that inspired you, giving me direction on where I should go on my travels.


The art of goal setting…

Something I have to confess is that I’m not always that great at setting goals and when I do, I procrastinate about how I am going to achieve this. The definition of goal setting states that “Goal Setting involves establishing specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-targeted (S.M.A.R.Tgoals. Work on the theory of goal-setting suggests that an effective tool for making progress is to make sure that participants in a group with a common goal are clearly aware of the expectations.”

Taking that into account, setting a goal is something that requires not only dedication but something that you want to pursue to either better oneself or do something which will give you a purpose. I then sit wondering what is it that I ultimately want to do, and how will I set a timeframe to achieving that?

So where do I start and this is where I need help from you, my peers, what do you define is a goal and where have you set a goal and made sure you meet it. I know that once I commit to a set of goals and put my mind to it I will succeed in completing them and that is the satisfaction I am looking for in life.

I have come a long way on the last year after changing all that I knew for this new adventure, and with the changes which are happening in my life at the moment, I have this deep need to set longer term goals which will motivate me more each day.

I think also the fact of how quickly time passes is something that is driving this desire to want more from the life that I am living and the opportunities I have been given.

With that being said I think I really need to take time away from the hustle and bustle of life and focus on what I want for myself. Until then I hope you are well friends and if you have any tips or pieces of inspiration that you want to share in helping me on this journey, I would love to hear from you…




#Top10 Things to Know About Living in #Dubai

20140121_175213This was the blog post that I submitted for the Expat Blog Awards this year, I must thank everyone who left comments and shared my entry during the campaign period. with that said i hope you enjoy reading it:

I am fortunate to be living in Dubai and able to experience all that it has to offer from the sights, sounds to the diverse cultures that move through the city daily. It’s truly amazing to see how a city has evolved from the desert and now showcases the best that the world has to offer.

When living in Dubai there are key things one should know when considering to move here:

1. Transport 

Dubai has a plethora of taxi’s available to you on ever corner, mall and on a busy night they are a call away. One tip I can share with you is that road names are there but no one knows them, if you want to get around direct your driver to the building name or the nearest landmark store and you will arrive at your destination without an issue.

2. Online Services

Tying in with the lifestyle that Dubai offers of convenience there is either an app or website available 24 hours a day for you to order anything that your heart may desire, from taxi’s to groceries to a post party maid cleaning service so you don’t have to face the aftermath of entertaining the next morning.

3. Its all about respect

Dubai is a place filled with many people from many different backgrounds, beliefs and heritages. Living here you learn that it’s all about respect, respect for people, their property and for what they do. It’s an inspiration to see how people live in harmony amongst such diversity. Also there are rules and regulations, don’t go against them, they are there for a reason and will be enforced, go about your normal day and you will not have any issues.

4. Property

Looking for a place to live in Dubai is a tricky one because you have to pay your rent upfront for the year, which means its either the full amount, or 2-4 post dated cheques to cover the expense. When coming here chat to your company about helping you pay for the initial rental (and you pay the company back monthly) and use a rental agent. The agents know the areas, are able to facilitate all the paperwork and give you piece of mind when signing a contract for such a long period.

5. Banking

Once your bank account is set up and running, beware there is no credit control in place as yet and the banks will offer you exorbitant amounts of credit. You are living in Dubai earning a tax-free salary; don’t get sucked into the allure of credit to sustain a lavish lifestyle.

6. Work

Dubai is an engine, it’s always on and running at full speed, and when you move here you will see how people work, not only do they work hard but also they work long hours. This is not because there is a lack of resources but because of the work ethic that comes with a city that thrives on being connected to the rest of the world across many time zones.

7. Processes

While the city prides itself on being so forward in all aspects, official processes for visa’s, banking, etc. do take some time and rely heavily on having plenty supporting documentation. Don’t try and rush the process follow the guidelines and submit all the necessary documentation and the application will go through in time.

8. Driving 

If you love driving, as I do, you are probably going to want to get a car of your own. There are two options here, buy a car through your financial institution or do a long-term rental. The rental option is the best it allows you to have a vehicle of your own but you do not have to worry about maintenance and insurance on the vehicle for the period of your lease, also the headache of having to sell a car is no longer there if you want to leave as you just hand the car back to the company.

9. You will sweat

And here I am not kidding, when you think of Dubai you know it’s going to be hot but summer is a scorcher and the humidity makes it even worse. Everything is air-conditioned, even the bus stops but it is still extremely hot and whether you think its gross you will sweat. Just drink lots of water and if you plan well enough take your vacation during the summer months. The rest of the year the weather is amazing bordering on 22 degrees, which is chilly for this city.

10. Travel

Moving to Dubai you have the world at your doorstep, with most destinations being a couple hours away and airlines such as Fly Dubai you have no excuse to stay in Dubai for the weekend. Get out and go explore!

There are a thousand little tips and tricks that you learn as you live here but these are the ones that I know would have prepared me for this exciting journey.

Dubai is home for me, only a couple months in and I fall in love with it again each day. If you’re ever in town let me know would be great to show you around!

I have gotta run now and explore, until next time peeps… 😉

#2013 in review

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Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,700 times in 2013. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

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#ExpatBlogAwards entry

Hey Peeps

So I have entered into the #ExpatBlogAwards for 2013 and am hoping to get some great feedback from you on my blog around living in Dubai as an expat! This is a new venture for me in launching my blog and pushing it out to the world and this is where I need a little help from those near and dear to me!

If you enjoy my blog or love me and just want to help spread the word please click the following link and spread the love!

Thank you friends and hope to hear from you soon!

Music a moment captured in every beat

Ever since I was a little guy I have loved music, always dancing and singing along even though I would probably earn a wooden mic award in an idols competition… Lol

Music is the one thing in my life that no matter how it changes in genre it has an effect on my mood and how I feel at that moment in time. When life is doing its roller coaster music brings a calm to the soul making the ups easier and the downs something that passes by in a moment.

Not only do some of the lyrics of songs inspire me to find my goals and realise what I want in life but they are words that talk to an emotion that can’t always be expressed. Music also carries many wonderful memories for me and the events in my life that when I hear them i smile and reminisce those moments with pure joy.

One song that will always and forever be the bond I share with my gorgeous sister is “The Music Sounds Better with You”, whenever it plays no matter where in the world we are we pick up the phone and make that Call to share in our song.

When my thoughts are scattered music helps clear the confusion from the voice of Josh Groban to the high energy electro tunes created by musical masterminds.

A quote I found along my journeys which sums it all up for me is “Music is the food for ones soul.” Who would agree?

With that I bid you farewell as I plug in and listen…

Life in the land of sand thus far…

Can’t believe this time today I was on a flight from all that I know in SA to move across the world to the desert. It’s been three months since I arrived and I am finally settled and enjoying everything that Dubai has to offer.

I still wake up every day and can’t believe that I am here and living in such an amazing place, my mid is perplexed at the fact that I am living in the desert. I look out from my balcony and watch as people move 24/7 around the Marina always awake and never sleeping. The city lights up each night with the buildings glowing not only from the neon lights that are stung over them but also from the moonlight that lights up the night sky.

For those of you that know me I used to take a crazy amount of pictures no matter where I was but here I am obsessed, taking pictures of everything. With my passion for architecture and design, Dubai is a one stop architectural orgasm; with each building trying to out do the next. The Cayan tower and Burj Khalifa have to be my favorites thus far as they are the epitome of creativity against all odds.

Ok before I get carried away and you start yawning lol, how am I doing you might be wondering. I’m great, work is going really well, have so many different clients and they are keeping me on their toes because unlike SA the UAE is still in its social media infancy, so that clients want to be industry leaders in a fast paced market.

Personally I have made some good friends already which was something I was worried about when I came but true to my nature I have picked up a group of friends who not only love life just as I do but are genuine and kind. I have to admit I didn’t usually drink when I was back home but here, wow we have the wildest parties and the worst hangovers known to man, or maybe I’m getting older that’s why they getting so bad. For the most part I am loving it and even through Dubai is a transit city and most people move in an out all the time I have a great bunch of peeps here keeping me in trouble :).

Its been a time of true reflection looking at where I had come from and who I was to where I am now, I was a little apprehensive about moving to a place that I didn’t know and having to challenge myself more to meet new people and not hold back and stick to what I know and I am so glad I did it.

I must just say living on your own is so amazing but cleaning up has never been my forte, lol I look at my apartment after vie had friends over and I think ‘do I really have to be responsible’. All in all it was the best decision I made to get my own place so that when I need space I can have it without anyone being there and me feeling guilty, and of course if I want to walk around naked I can, LOL. Sure if my mom reads this she doesn’t wanna know 😉

With that said I should probably head off to bed soon because our week starts on a Sunday (something I still can’t get used to) but if you are ever passing through the land of sand let me know. Good night peeps.

Was it love at first search?


For months now I have been searching online wanting to catch a glimpse of the Galaxy S4 and trawled through pages and pages of speculation. But all came together with the big announcement in New York a few weeks back, I made it my mission to make sure that I was a part of the launch in SA! Last night, after many intriguing invites and secret planning, Samsung launched the S4 at a spectacular event held at the Sandton Convention Centre.

The event was not only one that brought in people from all over Africa to our city of gold but was an absolutely breath-taking experience from when you arrived to when you left. Outside the venue, there were people making foam number four’s that we sent off into the night sky; the décor was in true Samsung-style – sleek and sexy; RFID tags were included in your registration pack that sorted your social check-ins for the night; and they had a flash mob that entertained guests while registrations were still underway. After all that excitement we then filed into the main hall and waited in anticipation to see the new S4. George Ferreira, Vice President and COO of Samsung Electronics South Africa  took us through the evolution of the Galaxy range and introduced us to some of the awesome features this device boasts. After a mind blowing presentation they opened up 4 areas where we were able to interact with the new Galaxy S4. Can I just say – this spectacular phone is everything you imagined and more! Following from the expo area, everyone was treated to canapés and drinks with DJ Fresh and Euphonik getting us all in a party mood to celebrate the arrival of the S4 on African soil!

After all the excitement and awe inspiring moments from the night, the following are only a few of the exciting features that the new Galaxy S4 that I enjoyed when using the phone:

  • Group Play allows you to share the same song, picture or game with 11 of your friends at the same time!
  • Taking a picture sometimes doesn’t tell the full story, well now thanks to Samsung and their Sound and Shot feature you can record a voice clip to add to each picture!
  • Not only does the S4 have an amazing 13MP camera but when you take a picture of friends you can use Dual Shot to take a pic of you and add it in at the same time.

Samsung have really outdone themselves with this addition to the already great Galaxy range but with their focus on you and how you live, the S4 truly lives up to its motto of being a Life Companion. The S4 not only gives you the freedom to capture your meaningful moments, but seeing the pictures come to life on their 5inch Full HD AMOLED screen is something truly amazing.

The S4 is also there to simplify your life with enhanced voice controls and interactive display so that you don’t even have to touch the screen to navigate through the menu. It also makes connecting with people super simple giving you access to your friends through Group Play and giving you the freedom to communicate in not one language but many with S Translator. And just when you think that the S4 does it all from making meaningful memories to keeping you connected, Samsung introduces a feature on the phone that cares for you – S Health – an app designed to look after and track your wellbeing as you move through life.

Now that I have finally met the beautiful S4 and don’t have to stalk it, I have a new mission, that is how am I going to get my hands on this beautiful device.

Happy 50th birthday to my dear mom


Today 50 years ago a blessing was sent to this earth, an angel by the name of Karen, and I am trully honoured to have you in my life.

You and I have only known each other for the last 26 years but of those years I have got to know the best part of who you are. Someone with a passion for life and a love that never falters. Everything I am and will become is because I have been raised by you mom, your wisdom and care are only a few of your many wonderful traits which I will take with me into my life. I know I speak not only for myself but for anyone that knows you, but you mom are one in a million, no matter the challenge you always hold your head high. Always smiling and warming the hearts of all, as you give selflessly to anyone in need.

My best memories are the ones that I’ve shared with you not only the serious moments, when I’ve lost my way, and but also the crazy moments where we laugh and I watch as your mischievous eyes twinkle. I know that gran is watching down of you and she is smiling and watching with pride at what a beautiful person you have become. We too as your family are so proud and honoured to have you in our lives.

Happy 50th birthday mom, may you have 50 more years of wonderful moments that take your breath away!

Thank you for being you, nothing less than spectacular and I love you lots!