Photo Moments

Forever immortalised memories of my life and where I have been!

My Surprise Farewell!

Thanks to these amazing ladies (Left to right: Karen Rogerson, Lisa-Marie Els, Me & Sonja Raath) for organising an amazing surprise farewell for me as I leave in a week for my new adventure in Cape Town! They blindfolded me and took me to the Colony where I was greeted by a table of friends all whom form a big part of my life! We had an amazing night out together, reminiscing the memories that we have created since our life paths crossed and created more wonderful which will live in my heart for years to come. I was also surprised with special messages from all who were there that I can take with me!  I admit I shed a couple tears  when I read those special messages and I know that I will miss these ladies but through the amazing memories we have and will create we will always be a part of each others lives! Again thank you ladies for making me feel so loved and giving me crazy memories that I can cherish! Until we party again sending you much love and happiness and may you receive all that life has in store for you and more!

Cape Town here I come…

I have been blessed yet again in my life and have been offered an opportunity to run a project for Media24 where i will be packing my bags for 3 months and moving to my favourite city in South Africa! The whole experience and offer is one that many could have only dreamed of and I intend to take this with two hands and embrace it! The time has come for me to spread my wings, fend for myself and to show the world more of who I am! Watch out Cape Town I am coming with a vengeance and gonna take you by storm! Going to miss the friends and family here while i am away but i will always be in constant contact and hey its only 3 months they will fly by and then from there who knows but the world is at my feet and i am ready to jump in!


The ring!

Congratulations to one of my oldest friends Claudia as she and Paulo got engaged last night! We have been friends for over 11 years and been through many ups and downs and to see her now engaged to the man of her dreams makes me over joyed! Wishing the two of them nothing but an amazing future and much love from me!