2011 moving into 2012…

At the end year I like to sit and reflect on my life in the past year and share in the wonderful times I’ve had during the year, so in no particular order here goes lol.

I never regret any moment of my life and I use every situation to learn and grow in which ever way life is trying to mould me, I took a bold decision this year to leave work and look for other opportunities! Some people were like wow go you,  and others (my dear parents) freaked out lol. I moved into a period where I didnt work (well ummm couldn’t find) work for 3 months which tested me in ways no one could imagine. I am a complete busy body for those of you who know me personally and to sit and watch TV or surf the net all day was for the least part boring… lol. And then out of the blueIi was offered a position at Media 24 showing you that social media is the way forward I used twitter to apply, hence the twitter addiction now! I have changed my career path now for the third time from banking to retail and now media and I finally feel like I know exactly where I want to be. It was a challenge as I had to build my confidence again as it had taken a knock when not working but now I feel like I am flying. This year is going to be AMAZING !

I have made some new friends this year and continue on my journey to touch more people in my life, old friends remain strong and some sadly have ventured on with their lives which is only natural I suppose :)! The memories and support that I have received from my friends and family in the times when I was at a low truly inspired me and helped me grow to where I am now. Its been a crazy last couple of months thanks to my amazing job where I have been able to go out and experience things that only few people could dream of and I am truly thankful for that. I cant help but smile as I sit here and write of all the wonderful memories that I have been witness to and shared with people in my life! Thank you all for giving me the those special moments that i can treasure for years to come. The farewells this year have not been easy, (yes I am not always optimistic lol) my best friend has moved to be with the man of his dreams and I love them both dearly but do miss the wild nights out on the town and the late night deep conversations about life ;). the best way to look at it is the fact that I now have a holiday home somewhere else in the world hehe. One thing that I am quite jealous of and also proud at the same time is of my little sister, she has moved out of the house and in with the love of her life, Proud of the two of you, but i was supposed to move out before you dammit! Shay thank you for being such a wonderful and amazing sister, you have grown into such a beautiful and wonderful lady and everything you do turns into a success and I know that in 2012 you are going to make this your year!

Looking forward to 2012 I am so amped and excited for what this year holds for me, since New Years Eve I have a renewed passion and drive to make a success of myself in every aspect of what I do! My head is full of ideas, dreams and goals – some really crazy and others more normal if I can say that? I am also going to be celebrating my 25th birthday later in the year and I am already playing around with ideas on how best to celebrate my quarter century birthday, so watch this space… My dream is to inspire people to be the best they can be that they wake up every day feeling like the world is their oyster and they can and will achieve anything they can set their minds to. As to where I am going destiny is holding those cards and only time will know how that will plan out, all I know is that I will always have a camera in hand to capture the moments and memories so that when I look back on 2012 it will be a year of nothing but amazing and wonderful times spent with my dear friends and family. I also created this blog as something I have always wanted to do but never actually sat down and created, I want to create a space where I am able to share with people my life and also be able to sit back and look at where 2012 has taken me. The only thing about the blog is you have to actually update it to keep it relevant lol! (Gives myself a pep talk)

The motto for 2012 for me is the twitter (yes I am addicted) #tag : #LiveLoveLaugh , it is three words which depict my life as I have lived it up to now and how I will continue to live my life through 2012! So when you see the #tag I hope that it reminds you of me in some way and by all means share them with someone they are truly inspirational! My wish for all my people out in this beautiful world we live in is that 2012 is also a year for you  to grow, shine and most of all a year filled with love! Make every day count, record your memories and immortalise them in time, share with people, smile everyday, laugh out LOUD, give a little to someone, never regret, always learn, party hard, misbehave, kiss passionately, love madly, dance like you have no rhythm, and most important be true to who you are! Never let anyone make you feel less than what you are worth as you are destined for great things!

Happy belated New Years to you all!

Lots of Love


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