My Cape Town journey continues…

As I sit here now to give you an update I am sitting with the most spectacular view of the harbour from my balcony.

Its been three months since I was brought down by work to live in a city which over the years has stolen my heart and now being able to live here I realise just how fortunate and blessed I really am. For me personally this has helped me grow not only in my independance but as a person as for many years now I have wanted to move out into my own place and fend for myself . No more mom and dad making sure the fridge is stocked, I have to remember to get all that I need which sometimes is a mad dash to the shops:)  It has shown me how to budget properly and use my money wisely, that being said I have still managed to keep my social life somewhat active. I have proved to myself that I am strong enough to be on my own and become more comfortable in my own space not relying on having to be busy so that I don’t sit alone.

Cape Town inspires me everyday to do better, be better and to make sure that I am always living up to my goal this year to #LiveLoveLaugh. I work and play hard here but there is not one day that passes where I don’t stop and just take in the amazing and wonderful sights that surround me. I have met amazing people who I am watching grow and develop themselves and that too pushes me on to be a better version of myself.

Change is a norm for me at the moment and although at times I have huge anxiety and it doesn’t bode well for my stress levels I am learning more and more each day challenging myself to do things I couldn’t have ever had dreamed of.

Each day I live in this part of our beautiful country, I feel like I am home and that my soul has found its place where I can express myself and build a life for myself here.

With that said I am not gonna sit and play on my laptop I’m going to bid you farewell and go and enjoy more of My City that which is Cape Town.

Remember to always #LIVELOVELAUGH everyday and count your blessings!

Let me know your thoughts..

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