#EqualLoveEqualRights: something that hits home for me…

This week a heartfelt video was shared with the world by Shane Bitney (@ShaneBitney) where he so bravely showed his tragic story of how the one person he loved, more than anything in the world, was taken from him so suddenly, and how the world didn’t even acknowledge them as a couple.

Seeing this video struck a chord in my heart; knowing how loving someone of the same-sex is something some people do not understand or they just don’t want to be ‘associated’ with. I am so fortunate that I have grown up in an era where people are more liberal and accepting of each other no matter what the difference is between them.  Although, that doesn’t mean that society don’t sometimes glare or pass a remark but I am true to who I am and I don’t hold back from being myself in any situation.

Love is an emotion not defined by race, gender or belief but, rather by the connection of two peoples’ souls far surpassing the understanding of modern thinking. Love is felt by two beings who, as time moves on and they share in each other’s lives, they grow together forming a bond stronger than words can explain.

That said, this is where I get upset because I am a part of the minority which is not the considered the ‘norm’ by influential people who impose the laws and regulations that we have to live by. They decide that, because they don’t agree with Gay people having equal rights, we shouldn’t when, at the end of the day, we are human beings and the only differentiator is what we find to be attractive or not. Just like a straight man who likes blondes or brunettes, it’s a personal preference and not something we must persecute him over. Why, in times when love is something most people want for themselves, are we barring two souls from joining in a monogamous relationship and sanctifying it through the act of marriage?

Is society regressing to a point where communities of people do not care about the welfare of their fellow human and allow institutions to enforce their views onto people? When did people lose their backbones to stand up for what they believe in and support those around them who are in need?

I came out to friends and family in 2006 which for me was the hardest thing I’ve ever done because you are worried that people might judge you because they do not care to understand the emotional struggle that you have been through in realizing you don’t fit into societies box of being ‘straight’ or ‘normal’. When I told the people in my life I was Gay, they looked at me as if to say, “And now?” like there was supposed to be this huge problem that would arise. I am fortunate to have such caring people in my life that don’t care who I love as long as I am happy. Some people are alienated and made to feel like they are not worthy of living when in actual fact they have the same right to live that we all have.

Shane, you have inspired me to join the fight that the world has presented us with, and to show people that we are mere mortals looking to love and be loved no matter what society deems correct.

I will not live my life in hiding and in fear that being who I am and loving a man might offend someone because, at the end of the day, it’s my life I am living and I am not affecting anyone else.

Take the time to watch Shane’s video as he shows you his pain, the beautiful and wonderful memories that him and Tom shared. I too, one day, look forward to having someone in my life,  like Tom was to Shane, where we can walk our life paths together and create wonderful memories that him and I can cherish for years to come.

Please be mindful of others in your life, tell them you love them and when you see someone being treated unfairly stand up and fight against it because you wouldn’t be able to handle it if it were you there being put down.

I leave you with my thoughts and ask you to share yours with me and should you feel the need to stand up and make a difference please use the following tag #EqualLoveEqualRights if you share this with others.

Let’s make a world where we all live with one voice which is of love and equality.

Click here to watch : It Could Happen To You by Shane Bitney

Let me know your thoughts..

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