I hear wedding bells…

So I’m sitting having a nice lunch on friday overlooking the sea at the walk in JBR, and I get a text from my mom saying that Ryan (my sister’s boyfriend) has asked for permission to marry my little sister and that he is going to pop the question that afternoon…

I’m like what? Called mom to find out what was happening because I had no clue that they were seriously talking about getting married. Not even an hour later I got a whatsapp from my little sister with a picture of them, the ring and champagne saying call me now!

I called and she told me how he woke up and decided that friday was the day that he was going to ask her to marry him as he already had the ring waiting for the right moment! Such a romantic wouldn’t you agree?

These two amazing people have decided to spend the rest of their lives together and I couldn’t be happier! Feeling a little old that my baby sister is going to be a wife but super excited for the both of them as they share a love which is pure and true. Plus I’m looking forward to being an uncle so that I can spoil the little brats and feed them LOTS of sugar!

It’s also a special time for all of us as my parents are also celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary on the 2nd of Nov. I’ll be celebrating with them  from the sand dunes but wish them all the best and I hope they all have a special time.

With that said I’m off to do a little work, will check in with you all soon…

Let me know your thoughts..

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