2009 to 2010…

This was written by me on the 31st of Dec 2009:

Wow what a year this has been for me!

I have worked like I have never worked before pushing myself to new levels and learning so much from the people around me.

It has been a long year and tough one too, having my heart broken and needing to find the courage to carry on. Change is a good thing and like they say what doesn’t kill you only makes one stronger! And that’s where I am now, a stronger person who is true to who I am and where I want to be. I have met some amazing people this year, some of them where only in my life for a specific reason but the rest have become fantastic friends who I will cherish forever. Its through these people that I am exactly who I should be and nothing will ever change that. I plan to continue living each day as if it were my last because time waits for no one and I don’t wanna miss out on blessing which is my life!

As much as I would like 2009 to end I will never forget how it has transformed me. Taught me lessons and built me up to a place where I stand my ground and where I am able to be happy and not rely on someone for my happiness. It has shown me how to be the best I can be and how to take anything that is presented to me in my stride and to not let it get me down. There is always a lesson to be learnt and I do not regret anything I have done in order to experience them!

2010 is a couple of hours away and I know its going to be MY YEAR! I haven’t got all my plans worked out fully but I know in my heart that its gonna be huge! So watch this space people cause you don’t wanna miss it:) hehe

Thank you to each and every one of you special people in my life for all you have done for me and I cannot wait to create another 365 days of wonderful memories with you! I love and cherish you all!

Happy new year!

Let me know your thoughts..

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