Spots of a Leopard…

Written on the 22nd of Jul 2011:

Can someone really change for the better I’ve seen people change even when they don’t realize their own transformation. You know someone and accept them for being the person that they are accepting their flaws as they accept yours inturn. Then you see someone come into another’s life and it’s like the person we all want to be shines from them in every way. You look at them and you find this gentle spirit growing out of the mould they once used to be contained in.

It’s witnessing this that makes a person realize that no matter how much the cliche is that a leopard never changes it’s spots, just means that the true person is so well camouflaged by their spots that most don’t even look between the spots to see the true human being naked and vulnerable underneath. We encounter so many people in life and have preconceived ideas of how that person will mesh into our life with making the error sometimes not to see who they are and where they come from. Some of the hardest people are the ones that are hurt the most by others and in turn they might cone across as offensive when all they are doing is appealing to their inner most natural feeling of wanting to protect themselves for any pain.

My friends I leave you with these thoughts and I hope that when you meet someone and you feel you can’t befriend them because of their spots take some time to see what’s beneath and I know that in time you will unlock the beauty we all possess.

Let me know your thoughts..

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