The strange ways of life and nature…

Written on the 23rd of Aug 2011:

Life has us working in mysterious ways moving from one milestone to the next with some obstacles on the way. Yet even thought we feel like this could never be overcome we get up and stare the challenge in the face and take it on in the best way possible. The result may have taken longer than anticipated and required a large amount of energy and perseverance but we still come out unscathed and looking forward to taking on new challenges with the knowledge learnt from the past. Love is similar to this in the sense that as part of our human nature we want to love and be loved yet we find that after heartache we try to protect ourselves from the same events playing out and not giving the other person time to show us what they could mean to us. My wish is that people allow themselves to feel vulnerable, not to judge someone because of a previous experience, work through the challenges that life throws at you and most of all enjoy each moment you have everyday!

Let me know your thoughts..

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