To all my friends!

People come into our lives for various reasons and at the time you might not know why but I can almost guarantee that they will influence who you are in a great way!

The last couple of months I have be privileged to live in Cape Town for four months and then I moved back to Jo’burg recently. Through this time I was challenged personally to meet people and make new friends, to form relationships with people whom weren’t connected to your immediate group of friends.

I learnt so much about myself during this time, how I can spend moments alone and not feel like I was alone but more that I was taking time out for Mitch, looking at where I want to go, what do I want from life and just also spend time reflecting on how blessed I have been thus far.

A big part of who I am is someone who wears their heart on their sleeve, always accepting people for who they are and where their life journey has brought them thus far. When I meet someone its something that excites me as I love getting to know someone and listen to  how they have shaped their lives. Being a the ‘Social Butterfly’ as some people affectionately call me is one of the biggest parts of who I am. I love spending time with people and sharing in memories with them when we are together, hence why you will always see me armed with my camera making sure that the memories and special moments are always recorded for me to cherish in years to come.

In the last couple of months I have met some truly amazing people who directly or indirectly have changed my life, ones who have inspired me to grow and develop and others who I know will be there until we are all old and cranky. Its funny when I meet someone who could potentially become something more, I always get asked why are you single? Lol I’m not entirely sure I’m just a free spirit and am taking life as it comes. Its also hard when I do meet someone who I would like to move past a friendship and into a relationship with and then you realise that they are not sharing the same sentiment as what you do. For me its about creating a special bond with people and yes sometimes that person might not be who you wanted them to and in the same regard I might not be that person to them but having them in my life is what makes it all worth it!

Lol when you read this you probably going to wonder what the hell is this guy going on about and to be honest sometimes I can’t even categorise what I’m trying to say but in part of me always sharing my life I wanted to write this today.

I just want to thank all my friends for being such special people and for allowing me to be a part of your life! You all make what I have in life something special and I am truly blessed to share each moment with you all! I truly share something unique with you all and in the bigger picture of life you form a great part in that which is my journey.

Have a wonderful Sunday friends and I forward to the many memories life has planned for us to share!

Let me know your thoughts..

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