Insomnia not good for a Monday…

I am seriously not a morning person, and today for some reason I just couldn’t get up and get moving. Lol I know its part of being an adult but not even my coffee could do the trick.

Once I got into work I was fine, chatting to my team and catching up on the weekend with them was great! Still there were moments today where I could have just closed my eyes just for a second, but I know then we would have a repeat cycle of last night lol.

On a more noteworthy point, I had my one month review, yip I also cant believe that its been a month since I started here but I must say that I feel at home here at Aquaonline. Our team is so dynamic and the different personalities make for such a great work environment, I honestly couldn’t be happier! I didn’t have major feedback to give today because this place is a well oiled machine and that’s why we move at such a rapid pace, which for me is awesome with my ADHD. Also the team inspires my creativity which is something that i am thriving on:)

I was also given feedback today and they want me to leave… no I’m really kidding, Sheena (my awesome manager) had nothing but praise for me, she said that she is happy to have me in the team and that I am doing well. It’s great to know that you are on the right path and that you are contributing especially since I have been getting used to my new home.

This is probably not that informative hence why I started a new page for when I just want to write something which might not change the cycles of the earth but so that I feel like I am actually creating something:)

Have a great evening, tune in tomorrow for another non-eventful update from Mitch, see lol I’m now referring to myself in the third person.

Let me know your thoughts..

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