#Cookalong well at least I tried…

Thanks to Greg and Jodene for inviting me to join them at Foodiction for a twitter #Cookalong, you probably wondering what this actually means but we all attended a cooking class where we were live tweeting as the Chef guided us through making a delicious three course meal.

As you can see here they have awesome facilities at Foodiction and we were able to live stream the tweets on the screens so not a moment of all the action was missed while I tried my hand at my little master chef moment.

I truly had a great time at Foodiction and the chefs were nothing but professional and helpful, when my limited cooking skills were put to the test.

We started the class off with a glass of wine and then headed into the kitchens where all our ingredients were neatly laid out and ready for us to get cooking. Chris and I partnered up for this experience and well all i can say is I am so glad we did because if i was left up to my own devices i probably wouldn’t have had anything edible to eat. This is Chris and I, posing as if we were on a 70’s family cooking show:

The head chef kept us entertained while educating us on how to hold the knife when cutting to ensure control and also leading us through the steps of the recipes that we were going to be cooking. The first dish we had to make was a DELICIOUS chocolate fondant, once that had been put in the moulds it was time to start cutting up all the chicken and mushrooms for the Chicken and mushroom Risotto which was the main meal for the class. Lastly while the chicken was cooking we made a delicious citrus salmon starter, after all the cooking was done we got the opportunity to plate the meals which of course sparked the creativity bug in me. Here are my pieces of artwork, I mean food, and it tasted as good as it looks!

The Salmon Starter:

The Chicken and Mushroom Risotto:

The yummiest of all Chocolate Fondant (not decorated by me as I was stuffing my face with the other delish food you saw above, this design is all compliments of the chef’s at Foodiction) :

Now that I have made you jealous of this awesome experience I seriously suggest that if you are looking to learn how to master your way around the kitchen and have fun with some friends then you better get onto it and sign up with Foodiction. Foodiction is a great place in which to learn how to become your own personal chef, thank you for a fun and entertaining evening.

There details are on their website : Click here!

From my side I must thank Jodene and Greg from #FollowSA and Jono from @Foodiction for an awesome evening at the #CookaLong

Let me know your thoughts..

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