An insightful day (pun intended)

Had a great day today, not much work was physically done, well until I finished with my meetings that is.

Started the day off when we presented where my team currently are in terms of our social media strategy which inspired some new energy into the team on how we are looking to the future of managing our social media platforms for our client. I realised that we have come a far way but what we are going to be doing is really going to change the current landscape of how we ensure our brands are leveraged correctly across the different Social Media platforms.

Later in the day I met Stefan Cataldo from Facebook UK, who came to share with us some of the innovations that Facebook has come up with in the last few months and also to allow us to ask questions around how we use Facebook to leverage a brand presence for our clients. Some of the stats that he had were amazing such as 6 million South Africans are currently on Facebook and 61% of these users are active on a daily basis! I really enjoyed how they focussed on the brand pages that I currently manage giving my insight into the actual performance of the pages.

I being the Social Media addict that I am, sat there like a kid in a candy store listening to the insights straight from the horse’s mouth. My next question is when are we meeting the team from Twitter cause then I might just collapse:)

Hope you all had a great day and I’ll tweet or Facebook but most definitely will blog with you later!

Let me know your thoughts..

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