#25YearsofMitch what a night!

Yes I know this was ages ago but what can I say at least I have been able to sit down and write about it.

When I realised that my 25th was coming up a part of me was like waaaait a minute you Sir are turning 25, in case you didn’t realise that was only a thought here J

I decided that for this year’s birthday I wanted to go all out and for those of you who know me that happens every year but I wanted to celebrate in a big way, I have had many challenges and successes in my life in the last 25 years and what better way to acknowledge is by celebrating with the people who have been a part of it all.

After many weeks of planning and numerous tweets, invites, whatsapp’s, calls, sms’s and emails the date arrived which was the 8th of September 2012. In true style I arrived late for my party lol, but this time it was because of the traffic and not me. I know surprise, surpriseJ

We all gathered at Outer Limits for the party where shots of bubble-gum tequila flowed, the weather held up its side of the bargain and the right mix of amazing people where there! Yes my friends, some new some really old, but people who make each day of my life memorable. My Mom and dad and gorgeous sister also come which was one of the highlights because I wanted to share this milestone in my life with the 3 people who have been there through it all right by my side.

The party went on to all hours of the night even though our dear friends Eskom had a power failure, lol, yeah no power in the whole area. But because of the special people I have in my life we carried on through the night and the candles actually gave us the ambience that we needed to celebrate my birthday.

As part of my birthday, I was given yummy smelling Issey Miyake samples for guys and girls, enough that I was able to give each one of my guests a little prezzie to say thank you for coming. I was also sung to by the entire crowd of people when the cake was brought through which was a special moment for me.

All in all I had the most special night with all my friends and family and what is even better is I now have all the photo’s which I can always look back at and smile because I am truly blessed.

I would just like to thank the following special people for all they helped me organise to make my night so memorable.

Thank you to Greg and Jodene, for not only helping me organising this, but for always inspiring me to follow my dreams.

Serena for arranging that I was able to use the stunning venue, Outer Limits, for the evening.

Tricia for being such a honey and making sure that I had those awesome perfumes for my guests from the awesome lady, Lorelle from Prestige Cosmetics!

And lastly to my gorgeous family, Mom, Dad and Shay you are my world and have made the last #25YearsofMitch the best years that any boy could ever ask for. I love you all and you better be ready for #75YearsofMitch.

#25YearsofMitch was a big part of my theme for this year, #LiveLoveLaugh2012, which I will cherish for years to come.


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