A friendship I will always cherish

On Friday I caught up with a very dear friend Dez, we have traveled a long path together over the years, seen heartache through to mass celebrations of milestones in our lives.

As it has become standard for us now, we caught up on the last 6 months after promising last time that we would definitely make sure we see each other more often. But even though it has been a that long we still connect and chat like we spoke to each other yesterday!

I must just boast at how proud I am of him on purchasing such a beautiful home for himself where you he is able to shine his wonderful personality through into his living space! Congrats my big sister its an amazing place and when you are done with it I’m gonna move in ok? lol just joking.

Our friendship has really blossomed over the years and being the people that we both are when we get talking, boy we can talk for hours and hours. Touching on the fluffy side of life but sharing in all the insecurities and moments that life has thrown us and learning together how they are shaping us for greatness. I am truly blessed to have Dez in my life because when it all seems crazy and I’m running mad, we catch up and I have an amazing new perspective on where I am going. We sit and laugh at how the community that we both form part of still never cease to amaze us and how we have had silly moments in the past few months that make this life of ours memorable!

After a very special coffee which turned into a 3 hour chat and Dez missing his plans for the evening I am thankful to call you one of my friends and I look forward to the many coffee chats, no matter how frequent, because you inspire me my dear friend!


Let me know your thoughts..

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