Witness the fitness… Bru!

Yeah so we all know that the Gym junkies normally talk with that butch accent and walk around with their arms floating cause of the sheer size of their muscles, hence the name for this post.

Its been about three weeks now and I am settling into a Gym routine, yes I know its hard to believe and nothing anyone would expect but I am doing it, not for anyone but me! I have been running and doing weights (well machines cause the weights sections are still intimidating) and I am starting to feel pretty good. I have also made another change but until I’m ready to announce I will keep that one to myself.

I must also say that I am lucky to have a friend, Sean,  that is helping me understand this Gym world and how to train properly so that I can get the results that I want, as well as it keeps me accountable and he makes sure I am actually going to the Gym and not just swiping my card for a Kauai smoothy as I’ve seen some do before,even though their smoothies are amazing! LOL

All in all the not being able to lift my arms above my head or the 5 seconds extra it takes me to get up from a chair, means that I am making the change and that I am working the muscles to have the body I want, so that when I hug myself it feels good. I am also very lucky to have my premier membership so I can change it up and visit other Virgin gym’s, all of which have everything I need to continue this new part of the Mitch journey. hehe

Wish me luck on this as I my ADD will kick in and I might need the push from you and if you are training at one of the JHB Virgin Active Gym’s come say hi! 🙂


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