Life in the land of sand thus far…

Can’t believe this time today I was on a flight from all that I know in SA to move across the world to the desert. It’s been three months since I arrived and I am finally settled and enjoying everything that Dubai has to offer.

I still wake up every day and can’t believe that I am here and living in such an amazing place, my mid is perplexed at the fact that I am living in the desert. I look out from my balcony and watch as people move 24/7 around the Marina always awake and never sleeping. The city lights up each night with the buildings glowing not only from the neon lights that are stung over them but also from the moonlight that lights up the night sky.

For those of you that know me I used to take a crazy amount of pictures no matter where I was but here I am obsessed, taking pictures of everything. With my passion for architecture and design, Dubai is a one stop architectural orgasm; with each building trying to out do the next. The Cayan tower and Burj Khalifa have to be my favorites thus far as they are the epitome of creativity against all odds.

Ok before I get carried away and you start yawning lol, how am I doing you might be wondering. I’m great, work is going really well, have so many different clients and they are keeping me on their toes because unlike SA the UAE is still in its social media infancy, so that clients want to be industry leaders in a fast paced market.

Personally I have made some good friends already which was something I was worried about when I came but true to my nature I have picked up a group of friends who not only love life just as I do but are genuine and kind. I have to admit I didn’t usually drink when I was back home but here, wow we have the wildest parties and the worst hangovers known to man, or maybe I’m getting older that’s why they getting so bad. For the most part I am loving it and even through Dubai is a transit city and most people move in an out all the time I have a great bunch of peeps here keeping me in trouble :).

Its been a time of true reflection looking at where I had come from and who I was to where I am now, I was a little apprehensive about moving to a place that I didn’t know and having to challenge myself more to meet new people and not hold back and stick to what I know and I am so glad I did it.

I must just say living on your own is so amazing but cleaning up has never been my forte, lol I look at my apartment after vie had friends over and I think ‘do I really have to be responsible’. All in all it was the best decision I made to get my own place so that when I need space I can have it without anyone being there and me feeling guilty, and of course if I want to walk around naked I can, LOL. Sure if my mom reads this she doesn’t wanna know 😉

With that said I should probably head off to bed soon because our week starts on a Sunday (something I still can’t get used to) but if you are ever passing through the land of sand let me know. Good night peeps.

3 thoughts on “Life in the land of sand thus far…

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  1. Cape Town! Stayed in Seapoint for 9 months before coming to Dubai. Back home I shared a flat with two other girls haha so really enjoying my own space.
    I think this is an amazing place and I also feel like it has become home to me so quickly. I have made a lot of stunning friends, and love seeing all these new places I have never been before.


  2. Hey Adriane,
    Thanks for connecting with me, always fun reading blogs of fellow South Africans taking on the desert hehe. I am loving it here and can’t believe how settled I have become. How are you finding it?
    Staying on my own is the best and as you know its much easier here to do it than back home! Where in SA are you from?


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