Music a moment captured in every beat

Ever since I was a little guy I have loved music, always dancing and singing along even though I would probably earn a wooden mic award in an idols competition… Lol

Music is the one thing in my life that no matter how it changes in genre it has an effect on my mood and how I feel at that moment in time. When life is doing its roller coaster music brings a calm to the soul making the ups easier and the downs something that passes by in a moment.

Not only do some of the lyrics of songs inspire me to find my goals and realise what I want in life but they are words that talk to an emotion that can’t always be expressed. Music also carries many wonderful memories for me and the events in my life that when I hear them i smile and reminisce those moments with pure joy.

One song that will always and forever be the bond I share with my gorgeous sister is “The Music Sounds Better with You”, whenever it plays no matter where in the world we are we pick up the phone and make that Call to share in our song.

When my thoughts are scattered music helps clear the confusion from the voice of Josh Groban to the high energy electro tunes created by musical masterminds.

A quote I found along my journeys which sums it all up for me is “Music is the food for ones soul.” Who would agree?

With that I bid you farewell as I plug in and listen…

2 thoughts on “Music a moment captured in every beat

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  1. Dude I feel the same way.Music lightens the load, gladdens the heart and gives you some oomph when you’re lacking.

    I did my first 120km endurance ride at Walvis Bay International when I was ten years old, and in those days they played “Chariots of Fire” when you cross the finish line on your horse. I bawled my eyes out!!

    When life has me on the downside of the rollercoaster, I get my dad’s old vinyls (Google it kids, it’s an actual thing) out.


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